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Best Jigsaw - Guide & Reviews

If you own a workshop or simply love doing DIY projects at home, power tools are pretty much necessary. You'll need several tools to help you do the job if you want the best results.

For example, a jigsaw is one such important tool that you should think of adding to your tool box. This power tool is important because it helps you with cutting out holes, curves, and even cutting straight lines with some more advanced models.

There are different ways in which jigsaws are used in day to day life, for example:

  • Cutting countertops to fit things like faucets
  • Cutting wood
  • Making holes in metal
  • Cutting curves on ceramic tiles
  • Cutting carpets
  • You can also use some on concrete

Introduction To The Best Jigsaw

As mentioned earlier, a jigsaw is an essential tool that is commonly used to cut holes, straight and curved cuts in a variety of materials. This is a versatile tool that saves you the cost of buying other tools such as scroll saw, circular saw, router and a band saw.

The tool is powered by a motor with power varying from one brand to the other. Most jigsaws also come with variable speed settings; most models on the market offer between 4-7 speed settings. The speed of the blade is measured in strokes per minute (SPM).

This guide helps you select the best jigsaws that are available for purchase. Thankfully, I have compiled top 10 list of the best jigsaws, eliminating any guesswork from your purchase.

You may also want to read through the individual reviews of every jigsaw, for a more detailed rundown of each jigsaw's features. This should help you to select the right jigsaw for you.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Jigsaw

For your purchasing needs, I have covered all the important points that you need to consider when looking for the best jigsaw on the market. Have a scroll through them and you will be sure to get a product that will meet your cutting needs perfectly.

Corded or Cordless

Do you want to buy a corded or cordless jigsaw? This is an important question that you should ask yourself. Jigsaws that are operated from the mains tend to be far more powerful compared to the cordless models.

Again, having a cordless jigsaw offers you with portability so you can do your work anywhere. Simply choose between power and portability. For most purposes, a cordless jigsaw's power should suffice. But they're completely unsuitable for intense work.

Power and Speed

The motor power varies from one jigsaw to the other. The higher the motor power, the faster you get your work done. You can determine the power by checking the wattage on corded jigsaws and voltage on a cordless jigsaws.

Tool-Less Blade Changing System

Changing of blades is easier on models that come with a tool-less blade changing system. You can easily remove the current blade and replace it with another one to ensure that you've got the right blade for the job.


Selecting the best jigsaw with the right blade is another matter of concern. Blades perform the cutting and they are classified by the number of teeth they have per inch. If a jigsaw has higher teeth per inch, it will provide fast and fine cuts. The opposite is also true.

Dust Blower

When you are cutting holes and curves in different materials, the dust produced can end up blocking your view and making it hard to make accurate cuts. It is important that you select a jigsaw that has a built-in dust blower so that you can keep your working environment clean of dust all the time. This will allow you to get the accurate cuts that you need. You can also find jigsaws that use the common vacuum cleaner as an alternative to a built in dust blower.

Safety Features

Just like other power tools, it is important to check the safety features that are included. You want to enjoy doing your work without risking the loss of a finger or two. As you know, a jigsaw without safety features can be very dangerous when you are operating it. Most jigsaws will at least come with a front guard to prevent accidental loss of limbs.

Therefore, you should look for a machine with a lock-off button, soft-start feature and a blade guard so you can be safe when you are working.

Other Considerations

  • Check the scrolling
  • Consider the adjustable blade plate
  • Look for the presence of a laser or red eye generator
  • The price and warranty of the jigsaw
  • The brand of the product- Some major brands include Black & Decker, Bosch, SKIL, DEWALT, and Makita among others
  • Overall durability of the product

Recommended Best Jigsaw

If you are unsure where to look for the best jigsaw to suit your cutting needs, check out the following reviews of ten recommended jigsaws from well-known brands on the market today. The products below are highly durable, and they offer very precise cutting. Compare their features and I'm sure you will find one that is perfect for you.

Black and Decker BDEJS600C Jig saw Review

Editor Rating:

In any workshop, day to day cutting is required at one time or the other. Sometimes you might need to cut straight lines, curved lines, and holes. Having the necessary machine that is designed to do the work is advisable.

A jigsaw is one great cutting tool that you should ensure it is in your toolbox. With such a tool, it will be easy to achieve curve cutting and making holes on different surfaces.

The BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C is one perfect tool that will get your job done in less time. The jigsaw is ideal for people who have workshops or loving handling DIY projects.

Curve Control Technology

One of the major uses of a jigsaw is to cut curves. This model from Black & Decker comes with an innovative technology that gives you the opportunity to adjust the orbit of the saw in 1 of 4 customized settings.

Powerful Motor

For effective cutting results, the jigsaw comes with 5 amp variable speed motor that runs at a speed of 3,000 SPM. This gives you adequate power for all your cutting.


The jigsaw is highly adjustable, and it is a perfect product for making angle cuts. It is easy to make 45 degrees bevel cuts, and it also has an adjustable shoe to provide you with stability.

Wire Guard

Using this jigsaw offers you with very precise cuts. The presence of an improved wire guard gives you a clear line so you can be accurate when you are cutting.

Black & Decker BDEJS300C Jig Saw

Editor Rating:

If you want to cut some holes or stencils, there is no other tool that will do the work apart from a jigsaw. This is the only tool that will allow you get precise cuts.

The Black & Decker BDEJS300C Jig Saw is one of the most recognized tools that you will find in many workshops. The jigsaw is designed to help you get the best cuttings on different materials.

Motor Power

The tool is designed with a 4.5 motor that offers more power required to handle even the toughest jobs. This motor has a variable speed of up to 3000 SPM for different uses.

Improved Wire Guard

This feature helps in increasing the visibility when you are cutting for the most accurate and precise cutting. You will always achieve the best cuts when you are using this jigsaw.

Compact Handle

A good jigsaw should be easy to handle. This is the only way in which you will get your job done without any hassles. This model has a compact handle, and it is also lightweight making it easy to maneuver.

Dust Blower

Another important feature that makes it easy to achieve line visibility by removing dust out of your work area is the dust blower. When there is no dust, it is easy to achieve accurate cuts as per your requirements.

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jig Saw

Editor Rating:

For those people who are looking for a jigsaw with a relatively powerful motor, the PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp is the right way to go.

This is an amazing cutting tool that you can get for all soft to tough cutting tasks. It brags of enough power that can handle a variety of materials.

Heavy-Duty Motor

This is one of the strongholds of this jigsaw. It has a very powerful motor perfect for tough job applications. The machine is powered by a strong 6 amp motor that allows you to do cutting in soft and tough materials.

Speed Settings

This unit also comes with variable speed settings that range from o SPM to 3000 SPM. This means that you can adjust the cutting speed depending on the cutting application.

Easy Blade Changing

This unit is designed with a keyless blade so you will not have a difficult time replacing the blades. You will always have an easy, fast and safe blade changing.


This powerful jigsaw comes with LED that keeps your keeps your cutting surface visible. This means that you can clearly see what you are cutting hence reducing the chances of a crooked plunge.

SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw Review

Editor Rating:

When buying a jigsaw, it is recommended if you get the most comfortable product that suits your cutting needs. Every individual has a personal taste and preference when it comes to the type of jigsaw to purchase.

For those who want a versatile tool that provides accurate results, the SKIL 4495-02 jigsaw is the right way to go. This is a very crucial tool that makes working outdoors easy and interesting.

Accurate Cutting

A jigsaw is not worth your money if it doesn't provide accurate results. Therefore, this model has a built-in laser that provides accurate cutting.

Rest Design

The tool also comes with a tool rest that prevents the blade from damaging the material that you are cutting. Isn't this awesome?

Tool-Less Blade

Another vital feature of this tool is the ease of changing the blade. Its tool-less design makes it very easy to change the blades when you need to.

Motor Power

The jigsaw is also packed with a powerful 6 amp motor that offers enough power for a variety of cutting applications. You can depend on this jigsaw even for the toughest jobs.

Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw

Editor Rating:

The number of companies producing tools for various activities is increasing in number every single day. For you to be sure that you are on the safe side, ensure that you buy all your power tools from a recognized brand that has been there on the market for many years.

Bosch is among the most recommendable brands when it comes to the production of power tools. Therefore, with one of their best selling jigsaw like the Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp, you are guaranteed of easy and accurate cutting.

Seven amps Motor

This powerful device gets your job done perfectly well. The motor offers adequate power that is required when you are cutting even on the toughest material.

Blade Ejection Lever

Your safety should be a priority when using any power tool. This model is designed with a blade ejection lever so you will not experience touching hot blades when working.

Adjustable Dust Blower

When you are cutting curves and holes on different materials, you will have to deal with dust. This dust can end up making your workplace messy such that it hinders the achievement of accurate results. The adjustable dust blower keeps your workplace clean so you can achieve the best results when cutting.

Other Accessories

Other important accessories come with this jigsaw which includes the following: Bevel wrench, carrying case, 1 no-mar overshoe, 1 anti-splinter insert and a blade.

DEWALT DW331K 6.5Amp Top Handle Jigsaw Review

Editor Rating:

Whether you have a professional workshop or simply love DIY projects, having a jigsaw will help you when it comes to cutting curves and holes.

Many people end up being disappointed at work because of poor selection of jigsaw. With DEWALT, you can never go wrong. The company offers very versatile products that meet your needs at work.

An example of a powerful tool from this company that will help you do your work to perfection is the DEWALT DW331K 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig-Saw.

Motor Power

The power of the motor determines how best the machine will handle simple to tough cutting. The 6.5 amp motor on this tool provides power that is required to handle the most demanding cutting tasks.

Metal Gear Case

A good jigsaw like this model from Dewalt gives you value for your money. Its construction enhances durability, so you can enjoy doing your work without any problem for many years.

Extra Large Blades Clamp

The blade clump is easy to access on the front of the machine. This unit is also designed with a key-less blade change that allows you to do your work faster.

Comfortable Handle

The jigsaw comes with a top handle featuring a trigger switch that provides you with a comfortable grip during operation.

Bosch JS260 120-Volt Top Handle Jigsaw Review

Editor Rating:

Achieve smooth and accurate cuttings with the Bosch JS260 120-Volt jigsaw.

This is a nice power tool for handymen looking for a tool with convenient variable speed and easy blade changing.

Ergonomic Handle

Effective control is necessary when you are cutting. This is the primary reason why the jigsaw is designed with a comfortable grip and two finger trigger for convenience.


Experiencing vibrations when you are cutting can end up bringing bad results. To prevent this from happening, the tool has a low vibration design meaning you will always get accurate results.

Variable Speed

The variable speed-dial sets the maximum speed and accelerator controls operating speed for the most precise cutting outcome.

Adjustable Dust Blower

This feature allows you to enjoy a clean workplace with no dust that can compromise the accuracy needed when cutting.

SKIL 4295-01 4.5 Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw

Editor Rating:

Bring some creativity when you are cutting curves and holes on different materials with the SKIL 4295-01 4.5 Amp jigsaw. This is easy to use a machine that can handle some applications.

With this wonderful jigsaw, you can take your woodworking jobs to a new level. Just give it a try and you will be impressed with the smooth cuts provided.

4.5 Motor

The motor power makes it easier for you to cut through a variety of materials. It also has a variable speed control that you can alter with just press with your finger.

Clear Line Cut

The machine is designed with a dust blower that sends all the dirt away making it easy for you to get a clear and precise cutting. On top of that, the device is also designed with a quick change open foot design that improves the visibility when cutting.

Tool-Less Blade Change

The jigsaw can accept both T and U shank blades. Changing the blade is a less tiring task, and you can achieve that within a few minutes or even seconds.

WEN 3702 Variable Speed Jig Saw

Editor Rating:

The WEN 3702 Variable Speed Jig Saw is another tool that provides you with variable speed. This tool allows you to do any cutting job regardless of whether it is big or small.

The tool brags of an adjustable base plate that gives room for angle cutting. Let us see some of the other top features that come with this power tool.

Variable Speed

When you are cutting different materials, you will require adjusting the speed to suit your cutting needs. This jigsaw offers you with variable speed which makes your cutting work easier.

Trigger Lock

This is another incredible feature about this jigsaw. The trigger lock improves control and comfort when you are cutting giving you very fine results.

Blade Support

Achieve precise cutting using this power tool. The blade support feature allows you to cut accurately as well as prolonging the life of the blade.

Easy Changing of Blades

There is easy to access blade clip that makes it easy when you need to put another blade. On top of that, the jigsaw also features a see-through blade guard for safety reasons.


Editor Rating:

Lastly, we have another recommendable jigsaw that you can get for all your woodworking activities. Bosch JS365 120-Volt is a power tool commonly appreciated by people looking for precise cutting.

The tool comes with an array of features that make it easy to do your cutting. Here are some top selling features of this jigsaw.

Convenient Carrying Case

When you want to carry this tool to different locations, it has a carrying case that gives you convenience while you are on the go. The carrying case also helps you store the jigsaw in a safe place when it is not in use to increase its durability.

Tool-Less Blade System

This system helps you remove, install or grip the T-shank blades without having a difficult time. Therefore, it is easy to replace your blades for better performance.

Adjustable Dust Blower

Keeping your working environment clean helps you achieve very accurate cuts. The included dust blower makes it a simple task when you need to blow away the dust from your workplace.

4 Orbital Action Settings

This jigsaw also comes with the above-named settings featuring different blades stokes to provide cutting from smooth to more aggressive materials.

Final Verdict

With any of these versatile cutting tools reviewed, you are sure that you have a dependable product that will allow you do your cutting on a variety of materials.

The good thing is that the jigsaws can be used on different applications hence saving you the need for buying other tools. This will not only save you a lot of money but also save you storage space in your garage or workshop.

All the products covered come with amazing features, and they also offer high performance at work. Get the best jigsaw that you find ideal and enjoy doing your cutting tasks at home or in your workshop.

When it comes to the price, the products are affordable and highly durable. The jigsaw will offer you with incredible cutting results for so many years to come.

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