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Past studies have proven more than once that man has been using tools all his life. I can classify tools to be the second most important thing to man, after necessities such as food, water, and shelter.

They are involved in most if not all activities that we carry out.The level of sophistication of this tools cannot be fathomed. Man's earliest tool was made of stone, and since the days of evolution, his tools have been continuously changing.

The success that man is enjoying now can be directly associated with him having the right tools to make work easier.

One the latest tools that man has developed is the battery powered jigsaw. This is a tool that is used for various purposes which include the most mundane tasks at home.

The battery powered jigsaw is an innovation of the simple jigsaw that man invented some decades ago; its success can be attributed to technological changes that have been happening in the recent decades.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Battery Powered Jigsaw

Numerous factors can guide you when buying a battery powered jigsaw, a quick overview on some of the factors will, therefore, be of great use to any prospective buyer.

Type Of Jigsaw

This is an important factor to put into consideration; there are two main types of jigsaws, the corded and cordless jigsaw. The corded jigsaw uses electricity while the cordless jigsaw uses batteries. Most corded jigsaws are assumed to have more power, but their efficiency can be limited by their restrained mobility. Cordless jigsaws are highly mobile.


Jigsaws have different performing abilities; there are those that are high performers, and there are those whose performance is slightly low. A jigsaw's performance is rated with its power abilities; most jigsaws have a power rate that ranges between 3-5 AMPS.


Jigsaws can also vary speed, their ability to regulate speed also varies, and therefore jigsaws with a relatively high speed and have the ability to regulate this speed during the cutting process will always be given preference.

Adjustable Settings

This is another key feature that you should consider before buying a jigsaw. Most jigsaws can easily do straight cuts, however, their ability in making angled cuts deeply varies. Jigsaws that can do both the straight and curved cuts are always given a higher preference in the market.

Additional Features

There is a high competition in the jigsaw market; jigsaw manufacturers are now developing their products with customized features in the rush for customers in this slim market. A consumer can, therefore, use these additional features to differentiate on the various models in the market and obtain a jigsaw that meets his needs.

Best Battery Powered Jigsaw

Blade Types

The ability of a jigsaw to cut a given material is mainly influenced by its type of blade, a blade that can cut different types of material will always have a higher preference from the buyers.

Recommend Best Battery Powered Jigsaw

A factor that directs you to the right type of jigsaw is the factor to be recommended. I will request buyers to consider the given factors because they are of equal importance as you make the buying decision.

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B 18-Volt Cordless Jig Saw

The heavy duty Dewalt jigsaw is one of the most common battery-powered types of jigsaw.

It is widely stocked installs that deal in home tools.

Power And Speed

Its speed is approximated to be 3000 strokes per minute; this is a recommendable rate of speed.This type of jigsaw can vary its speed on the type of material it's cutting, due to its rate of speed, this jigsaw has exceptional cutting power.

Orbital Action

This type of jigsaw can cut most types of materials; they include wood, laminates, e.t.c. Its has a 4- position orbital action and a unique counterbalance mechanism, that allows making quality cuts at high at a high speed.

Lever- Action Keyless Blade

It has an all lever-action keyless blade that allows its users to easily change blades during the cutting process.The process of changing blades is also very fast hence saving time.

Stability When Cutting

It has a top handle design that ensures that its users maintain stability during the cutting process.This design provides extra comfort to its users while in use.It has a keyless shoe bevel with the ability to make cuts at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

Adjustable Dust Blower

It has an adjustable dust blower that keeps the line of cut clear of chips. This is achieved when the dust blower blows away debris from the cutting line. This feature ensures accuracy during the cutting process.

Black & Decker LPS7000 Lithium-Ion Compact Saw

A battery operated jigsaw allows you to take your cutting to any place.

With a model like the Black & Decker LPS7000, you are assured of a better performance all the time.

Type Of Blade

Its cutting abilities are quite exceptional. It uses the standard T-shank blades; this blades can be used to cut most types of material.Its relatively high speed also allows this jigsaw to cut materials in a short period.

Lithium Battery Technology

It uses the lithium type of batteries, this type of batteries have the ability to stay charged for almost two years.Users do not have to worry about extra costs of purchasing new batteries or the frequent need to charge the batteries.

A LED Work Light

This feature allows its users to see the cutting line clearly during the cutting process by providing light on the work surface.It thus ensures accuracy and ensures better cutting results.

Types Of Cuts

This type of jigsaw can do both the straight and curved cuts. It can also cut wood to a depth of one inch.It is, therefore, a recommendable jigsaw for most cutting activities at home.

Hitachi CJ10DL 12-Volt Peak Lithium-Ion Mini Saw

You can also get the Hitachi portable jigsaw that provides a longer run time giving you the opportunity to complete your jobs in time.

Soft Elastomer Coating

This is a coating that ensures that its users are comfortable during the cutting process. It also ensures that the user maintains his grip on the jigsaw during the cutting process. This feature allows the user to cut materials continuously without feeling restrained during the cutting process.

Adjustable Shoe

The adjustable shoe ensures that there is a controlled blade wear during the shallower depth cuts. T also has a tool-free blade change for quick swaps of the blades during the cutting process.


This type of jigsaw has a speed of 2700 strokes per minute; this is a recommendable speed. This rate of speed allows the user to make cuts efficiency as well as the cutting process takes a short period.


It has a warranty provided by its manufacturers; it also uses the lithium ion batteries that are guaranteed to last long.Its durability is, therefore, recomendable.

Black & Decker BDCJS20B Lithium Jigsaw Bare Tool

The BDCJS20B model is among the many types of cordless jigsaws in the market.

The machine works well and it also comes with an array of features that make it easy to use.

Variable Speed

It consists of a variable speed trigger with an average speed of 2500 strokes per minute.This speed enables this type of jigsaw to give a satisfactory cutting experience, due to the high power it generates.

Electric Brake System

This is a unique feature for this type of jigsaw; the electric brake system allows the user to stop the cutting process in a short period.It is an automated feature that stops the cutting cycle easily

Bevel Shoe

It has an adjustable shoe that allows its users to make angled cuts. With this jigsaw, you can make angled cuts of 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees.

Wire Guard And Internal Dust Blower

This jigsaw has an internal dust blower and a wire guard. These two features are placed close the blade area to help to keep a clear line of sight during the cutting process.Debris can inhibit the user's vision on the cutting, and they also contribute to inaccurate cuttings.

PORTER CABLE PCC650B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Jigsaw

Take your cutting jobs to a greater level by getting the Porter cable portable jigsaw.

This is a compact unit that is easy to use and offers satisfactory cutting outcomes.

Three Orbital Settings

It has three orbital setting that easily adjusts, therefore, allowing its users to make a wide range of applications.The three orbital setting allows the user also to make different types of cuts.

Overmolded Handle

Comfort is needed during cutting. This type of jigsaw offers its users much comfort during cutting by having a contoured over molded handle.This handle also ensures that the user maintains grip during cutting.


This jigsaw has a power capacity of about 20 volts. It, therefore, offers a high performance within the cordless platform.This is a recommendable voltage level that is equivalent to most home appliances.

Ability To Make Angled Cuts

This jigsaw can comfortably make angled cuts of 0,15,30, and 45 degrees.Its bevel shoe facilitates this ability.It also has a dust blower that clears debris from the working space thus offering better visibility to its users.

Final Verdict

Battery powered jigsaws are an ultimate solution, especially where other power sources are faulty. The different types of battery powered jigsaws have competitive attributes.

Choosing the best type of jigsaw is not a simple task but you can make it simpler if you choose these top quality portable jigsawa covered above. They are ideal products that have been tested for the best performance and other important features.

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