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Man has made tools for ages, they make work easier and have enabled him to invent a lot of products. Life would be complex without these tools, they help save time, they also reduce the physical effort that would have been used.

Technology has enabled us to shift from simple tools to the sophisticated modern tools, with the current trend of innovation, I can predict that most of our activities will be carried out by auto-controlled tools which include the robots.

Among the tools that man has developed, is the cordless jigsaws. Common jigsaws have been with us for several decades; however, the continuous improvement on the earlier models has resulted to the current cordless jigsaw.

This is a tool that can be used perform several tasks at home, it very useful to individuals who love to do their repairs and create a variety of items at home.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Cordless Jigsaw

It is important to have prior knowledge before buying any item; the following are examples of factors that you should consider before buying a cordless jigsaw.


Power is an important factor to put into consideration when choosing any jigsaw.It determines the type of job that your jigsaw can perform. Powerful jigsaws are used mainly to cut and work on hard materials while the less powerful jigsaws are used for lighter duties.


A Jigsaw's speed is expressed in strokes per minute, the average speed for most types of jigsaws is 3000 strokes per minute; hence, the speed levels of the jigsaws have variable speed settings. They normally range between 4 and 7-speed setting

Orbital Settings

Orbital settings determine the quality of the saw; they allow the user to efficiently control the saw's forward, back and sideways movement.It allows precision, speed, and greatly helps in removing chips.

Ability To Perform Multiple Tasks

A jigsaw that can be used to cut more than one material is highly favored compared to other types of jigsaws that can only be used on a specific material.The higher the speed of a jigsaw the higher the likelihood it can be used to cut other materials.

Best Cordless Jigsaw

Ability To Make Different Cuts

Most jigsaws are efficient in cutting straight cuts, and other models may not have the ability to make curved cuts.Orbital settings play a pivotal role in determining whether this two types of cuts can be made.

Recommend Best Cordless Jigsaw

There are many cordless jigsaws from different brands. After testing and putting to work different jigsaw, the following are some of the models on our top list. They are a perfect product that you can use for cutting different types of materials.

PORTER CABLE PCC650B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Jigsaw

Get cordless convenience with the PORTER CABLE PCC650B 20-volt.

The jigsaw offers enough power that can take you through a variety of jobs.

Variable Speed Setting

Its speed is approximated to be 2500 strokes per minute. It has variable speed triggers that offer control for clean and accurate cuts. This speed enables its users to make excellent cuts in a short period.

Dust Blower

This is a feature that is adjacent to the blade area. A dust blower function is to clear dust from the working space thus ensuring clear visibility. A clear cutting line increases the user's accuracy when making cuts.

Orbital Settings

This type of jigsaw has three orbital settings that help the user to adjust easily cutting aggressiveness across different types of material. With this orbital settings, this type of jigsaw can cut different types of material from wood, plastic, and metallic materials.

Contoured Overmolded Hand

It ensures that the user is comfortable when making cuts.It also ensures that the user maintains a grip on the jigsaw, especially when making deep cuts. It guarantees grip during prolonged cutting periods.

Black & Decker BDCJS20B Lithium Jigsaw Bare Tool

The Black & Decker is another incredible power tool designed to provide a superb cutting performance.

With this jigsaw, you are assured of achieving the best cuts as per your expectations.

T & U-Shank Blades

This type of jigsaw is compatible with both the T and U shank types of blades. It can, therefore, be used to make a wide range of cuts; the two blades also make the jigsaw cut a wide range of material.

Wire Guard Feature

The wire guard is a special feature that is just adjacent to the blade. Its main purpose is to maintain a clear cutting line during cutting. It aims at increasing the user's accuracy during cutting. It helps the inbuilt dust blower in maintaining a clear cutting line.

Tool- Free Blade Change System

It is primarily useful when the user wants to swap blades. It is an efficient way to change blades since it saves time. Little effort is used when swapping the blades when this system.

Lithium Ion Batteries

The lithium ion batteries provide power to cut the different types of material. They are a good choice of batteries since they can last up to to two years before re-charging.

DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw

When you need to perform cutting tasks in areas far away from a power socket, a cordless jigsaw is a way to go.

You can get this Dewalt jigsaw that offers you with a longer run time as compared to other cordless jigsaws.

Shoe Bevel

It is known as the keyless adjustable shoe bevel in full. It allows the users to make turns and curves by giving the blade room to turn and make curves. You can, therefore, make angled cuts using this jigsaw. It accommodates angled cuts of between 0 - 45 degrees.

Adjustable Dust Blower

This is a special feature that allows this type of jigsaw to maintain a clear working space during cutting. The adjustable dust blower eliminates debris by blowing them away from the cutting line.

Anti-Slip Comfort Grip

This is a special handle that is designed to maintain the user's grip during cutting. It ensures that the user is comfortable during cutting since it is made from a soft rubber with grip features on it.

Variety Of Batteries

Unlike most of the other types of jigsaws that only use one type of battery, this type of jigsaw can use more than one type of battery. This jigsaw is compatible with the following types of batteries; DCB200, DCB201, DCB 101, DCB119 and the DCB103. It gives consumers a wide range of choice on batteries.

Black & Decker LPS7000 Lithium-Ion Compact Saw

This is a cordless jigsaw that accepts the standard T-shank jigsaw blades. It comes with some of the following aspects.

Sturdy Design

Its main body is made of a strong plastic material. Other compartments of this type of saw are also made of a strong plastic material. Its blade is also firmly held.

T-Shank Type Of Blade

It only accepts the T-shank type of blade, however, it can effortlessly cut most types of material despite having one type of blade. The cutting depth of this type of blade is approximately ¾ of any material.

Versatile Cordless Design

This is a design that enables this type of jigsaw to make both the straight and curved types of cuts. It also has a keyless blade change system enables the user to switch between cutting positions with seconds.


It has a relatively low price when compared to other types of jigsaws, with its cutting abilities, this type of jigsaw is therefore of much use to most homes since it is affordable.

Ryobi ZRP523 Cordless 18V One Plus Lithium-Ion Orbital Jig Saw

It is a jigsaw with one orbital setting that capable of giving an exceptional cutting performance that can actively compete with most corded jigsaws.

A Speedmatch Selector

This feature helps the jigsaw to change its cutting speed to be at par with the type of material its cutting. It is a form of customizing the speed of the jigsaw to the required level so that it can give the desired cutting experience.This feature works both with an orbital or without an orbital setting.

Innovative Blade Saver

It's a feature whose purpose is to protect the blade. Blades can get damaged especially if their teeth are tampered with. This feature ensures that the blade serves the user a longer period. It allows the user to access unused teeth which primarily are the nether teeth.

Ryobi Universal Shank Jigsaw Blades

It uses both the T-shank and the Ryobi universal types of blades.The ability to use more than one type of blade makes this jigsaw perform more than one type of cut. It can cut different types of material.

A Lock - On Trigger

The lock on trigger has variable speed dials that control the cutting speed. The cutting process begins at a lower pace and picks up momentum after a while.It helps the user to gain control of the cutting, especially during prolonged cuts.

Final Verdict

Cordless jigsaws are the new kids in the tool market, the different varieties of this type of jigsaws have competitive features.

They are therefore recommendable, and consumers can only satisfy their niche by closely evaluating on the different types of jigsaws in the market and choosing the best.

Remember, the buyer is always right, especially now that he or she has prior knowledge on the cordless jigsaws.

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