Best Electric Jigsaw - Guide and Review

In an industry that is made up of lots of amazing electric jigsaw models, choosing the best can be very hectic. Sometimes you wonder where to start.

With so many models from some highly reputable power tool producers, you must be extra careful with how you do your choosing.

I looked through some of the best electric jigsaws in the market today, and I was able to come up with the ones that are leading in the industry today.

I combined my experience with these tools and many customer reviews where most users appreciate the quality of these five electric jigsaws for their incredible quality and performances.

You need a jigsaw that can cut through a material just the way you want it to, and I believe you will love every bit of the way these machines work.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Electric Jigsaw

You need a little help on how to select the best electric jigsaw from a store full of numerous machines of the same kind. This section should guide you into choosing right.

Safety Features

Your safety is always important. You should never gamble with your safety under any circumstance. That is why you must choose your jigsaw depending on the safety features it has. There are many innovative safety features commonly used in these machines that you should be sure to look for before you buy your machine.

Lack of these features will only endanger your life, and you might be exposed to injuries. Safety feature minimizes or even eliminate chances of injuries in the course of your working with the machine.


The jigsaw you select should be compatible with a variety of high-quality blades in the market. It makes it easy for you to access blades that can be used with your new jigsaw if it fits the common blade set brands.

That is why not any jigsaw is good for you. It is only good for you if it can accept as many blades as possible. Most reputable brands often accept a variety of blade sets so that your job is not interrupted.


The handles are more important that you can ever imagine. The handle must be comfortable enough to allow for many hours citing without straining your hands. To use a handheld saw appropriately, you need to control it properly.

This is only possible if you can hold it in the best way possible. Go for a jigsaw with both front and rear handles that will enable you to have a better grip for safer and more comfortable cutting. If the handles are comfortable cutting will always come out perfectly.

Best Electrical Jigsaw

Power Rating

The strength of the motor in a jigsaw and the number of revolutions per minute should guide your choice. The speed at which the blade spins round at should be able to handle your projects with the excellence that is needed.

The higher the wattage of the motor the more RPM you get from the saw. There, your choice about the wattage and the number of RPM should be guided by the materials you work on. Some materials need higher wattage than others.

Recommended Best Electrical Jigsaw

The following are five top reviews of the best electric jigsaw worth buying. They are incredible tools that you need to have in your tool box.

Black and Decker BDEJS600C Jig saw Review

You will be amazed at the number of cutting projects you can accomplish with this electric jigsaw.

It is a technologically advanced machine that would provide you with the best cutting experience like no other.

Curve Control Technology

Through this lovely technology, you can adjust the orbit in one out of the four customized settings to help you complete your specific project with the perfecting desired.

Powerful Motor

One of its most notable strengths includes the 5 amp variable speed motor that generates up to 3000spm of cutting power. That is just the best you can ever need for your cutting experience, trust me.

Adjustable Shoe

The adjustable shoe is a real source of convenience when you are doing the cutting. It provides the jigsaw with a stable cutting platform so that it doesn't mess up, but give you an accurate cutting just the way you want it.

Improved Wire Guard

It comes with new and improved Wire Guard that provides you with clear lines of sight for more precise cuts. This is just an excellent feature that minimizes chances of making irreversible mistakes.

Makita 4329K 39 Amp Variable Speed Top Handle Review

I would give the jigsaw five stars on almost every part or in every feature.

With this machine, you don't have to be too careful while doing a crucial cutting that doesn't want you to mess even a little.

Improved Comfort and Control

The Makita 4329K is ergonomically designed with a rubberized grip that increases your comfort and control while you are using it. This will help you tackle even the most demanding projects without getting exhausted.

Reduced Vibrations

I've noticed that this jigsaw doesn't vibrate like most devices do, thanks to its counterbalancing system. Vibration often sucks, and it usually undermines your ability to work for longer.

Variety of Materials

This jigsaw can be used to cut several material types and perfection still achieved in each case. This is partly made possible by its three orbital modes and its powerful 3.9amp motor that would tackle almost any material.

Variable Speed Control Dial

Thanks to the speed control dial, you can match the needed speed to the application to achieve maximum cutting performance in several kinds of materials with each material getting just what it needs to cut it excellently.

DEWALT DW317K 5.5Amp Top Handle Jigsaw Review

Among other factors, this jigsaw is designed to provide you with ease of control. It offers interestingly fast blade removal and installation.

It's the kind of machine that will make you proud how it works.

Powerful Cuts

With a 5.5 amp motor, the jigsaw delivers powerful cuts even in the hardest of materials. The cuts are precise, and achieving accuracy with the cuts is easy, thanks to this feature.

Keyless Blade Clump

This feature is one of those that improve the performance of the jigsaw. It allows for fast and easy blade installation and removal so that you don't spend so much energy and time doing it.

4-Position Orbital Action

When you use this machine, you instantly realize that it gives faster and more aggressive cuts in various material types. This makes your job easy and enjoyable.

Variable Speed

You can optimize cutting speed depending on the material or the quality of cuts you want to achieve. The variable speed that can deliver 0 to 3100 strokes per minute to provide optimal cutting speed.

Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0A Orbital Jigsaw

This jigsaw boasts numerous innovative features that give it an upper hand against the competitions.

When you cut any material with it, you realize the gentleness in its performance, and the result is always heartwarming.

Smart Select Technology

Through the select smart technology, the jigsaw is automatically set to optimize the cutting application. Cutting has never been this better, with everything about it geared towards contributing to perfect performance.

Cuts Variety of Materials

It cuts everything including tough materials. Some of the materials that you can cut with this machine include metal, wood, and plastic. It makes both curved and straight cuts alike.

Powerful Motor

It features a 5 amp motor, which is powerful enough to cut even the most troublesome materials within its ability. It also offers tool free blade changes so that you don't struggle so much while using it.

7 Speed Settings

This jigsaw provides fitted with seven-speed settings from 800rpm to 3000rpm to allow you set it as per your task demands to provide the best cutting in each material.

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jig Saw

This is one of my favorite jigsaws. It has outdone its competitions in my list of favorites almost everything.

For one, it perfectly fits and stays comfortably in the hands to allow for a better cutting experience.

Effortless to Control

Even armatures can use this machine simply and effortlessly. This is partly because it isn't bulky or heavy. It only weighs six pounds, which is pretty lightweight.

Keyless Blade Change

With this feature, changing blades is so much easy. This jigsaw offers various a settings from which you can select the best for each material. It all depends on with the type of cuts you want to make, or the materials you want to cut.

Variable Speed Motor

It comes with a variable speed (0-3, 200SPM) motor with lock-on button and 7-position dial. With its powerful motor, it cuts through tough materials with ease. You can feel how much it cuts without straining even when the material is tough.

Maximum Cutting Performance

The machine is designed to produce a maximum cutting performance so that you can make accurate and most precise cuts. Whether it is iron, wood or plastic that you are cutting, the result is always impressive.

Final Verdict

The electric jigsaws covered in this review are carefully and professionally selected and have passed various test designed to determine their quality.

You choose any of these, and you have the right jigsaw to help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve with these machines. I would recommend any of these five products to anyone looking for something to help him achieve top quality cutting.

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