The Best Corded Jigsaw - Guide and Review

It is man's curiosity that makes him a unique living creature in the universe. Ages ago, man began to develop tools and items that enable him to live an easier life, back in the day, his tools were made from stone; however, his skills and abilities have evolved over time to the recent technologies that we have.

Despite the significant development of man, we still adore using our hands to develop items. One of the tools that man still loves to hold in his hands is the corded jigsaw.

With this tool, man can perform multiple tasks. I believe its sheer joy to create items with your hands; I hope am not the only person who holds the thought that sometimes machines do not allow us to expose our in-born skills.

I also think that repeated use of machine reduces a person's natural creativity. I also believe that the jigsaw tool is among the few hand tools that complement man's creativity and natural skill.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Corded Jigsaw

Corded jigsawa are believed to have more power as compared to the cordless models. When buying any corded jigsaw, have in mind the following important points.

Power And Speed

Powerful jigsaws work fast; therefore the more powerful a jigsaw is, the faster it works. You should, therefore, settle for a jigsaw with the most power because it will work faster.

Type Of Blades

There are two main types of blades for the jigsaws, the standard, and reverse blades. The standard jigsaw blades cut on the upstroke while the latter cuts on the downward stroke. Understanding when and where to use this two type of blades will be very helpful.

Safety Features

This is an important factor to consider since the jigsaw can be a dangerous tool. It is, therefore, important to know the safety features of your preferred type of jigsaw. The common safety features include the safety switch button or the lock –off button.

The Different Types Of Brands In The Market

There are very many brands of jigsaws in the market, each brand has a unique feature, however, it is important to know the common or leading brands of the jigsaw before going into the market since you can easily by-pass knockoffs.

The Best Corded Jigsaw

Additional Features

These are specific features that may make a given a model of the jigsaw to be unique. They are additional qualities that a given type of jigsaw may have. This quality may influence to choose a particular type of jigsaw.

Recommend The Best Corded Jigsaw

There are very many varieties of the corded jigsaw, a quick review of the leading brands can give you insight on what to expect as you shop for the best type of jigsaw.

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jig Saw

If you are looking for a powerful jigsaw that can handle all types of projects, the Porter Cable can never let you down.

It is a durable product with nice features that bring about a smooth operation.

Power And Speed

It is a heavy-duty 6.0 Amps corded jigsaw,making it among the most powerful corded jigsaws in the market. It has a variable speed motor that provides approximately 0-3,200-SPM, this is an exceptional rate of speed.

Bevel Adjustments

The tool-free bevel adjustment system allows its users to make curved cuts of angles between 0 - 45 degrees. This feature helps the user to make quick bevel changes.

4- Orbital Settings

This is a high standard of settings that enables the user to make different types of cuttings. The setting also enables the jigsaw to cut different types of material very easily. This feature also compliments the speed and power of the jigsaw


Its price is relatively low when compared to the service it is deemed to provide. Its price is relatively low when compared to other types of jigsaws in the market. It is affordable to most average income earners.

PORTER-CABLE PC600JS 6 Amp Orbital Jig Saw

It is a 6-AMP orbit type of jigsaw. This means that it has ample power to handle simple to more complicated cuttting task.

Keyless Blade Change System

This is a system that enables the changing of blades to be easy and fast during the cutting process. It is a unique feature for this variety of jigsaw. It is a better way of changing blades during cutting.

Cast Shoe

The cast shoe provides a greater bevel accuracy and protection, especially when cutting soft materials. The cast shoe has a protective cover that performs the latter function. It also has a soft grip handle and a front grip area to ensure control and comfort when in use.

Lock-On Button

This feature provides a better way of controlling the jigsaw. It is very useful during prolonged periods of cutting. It also has LED light that improves visibility during cutting.

Safety Features

Its equipment handle ensures that the user is stable and comfortable when using this type of jigsaw. It ha a lock- on button that helps its user to control the jigsaw in his preferred manner for the longest time possible.


This is another common type of jigsaw is fro a trusted brand on the market.

It is known for its powerful cutting performance among other incredible features.

5-Amp Motor

This type of jigsaw runs smoothly on a 5 AMP motor. Its speed is about 3000 strokes per minute; it can therefore perform most cutting tasks at home. Its cutting precision is improved by having a bevel shoe that allows its users to make bevel cuts.

Customized Saw Orbit

It has a 4- orbital setting that allows its users to change the settings between one to four settings to make customized cuts. This setting allows its users to make a variety of cuts hence making it a popular type of jigsaw.

Dust Blower

This jigsaw has a dust blower placed close to the blade area. The dust blower function is to clear debris from the cutting line, therefore, giving the user a clear cutting line. It helps the user to clearly see the cutting line when cutting.

Cutting Depth

It has a unique cutting ability. This type of jigsaw can cut most materials to a depth of approximately ¾ inches deep. This is an excellent cutting depth since deep cuts of this nature can performed by this jigsaw it can be of great use in most workshops.

Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw

Get the Bosch jigsaw and enjoy doing your work at home or in your workshop.

This is the most powerful jigsaw on the market that can be used tough applications.

Soft Grip Handle

This is a special type of handle with a front grip area. Its aimed at giving the user maximum comfort and control during the cutting process. Another special feature that enhances the handling of this type of jigsaw is the lock-on button that helps the user to maintain control during long cutting periods.

LED Light

It uses LED lighting system to illuminate the working space. This lighting system enhances the user's visibility when making cuts. Accuracy is an important factor when making cuts since it helps users from the wsting material.

Special Blade Change System

This jigsaw uses the keyless blade change system that allows its users to swap blades during cutting. It saves time; it is also an efficient way of changing blades when compared to manual changing of blades which can be cumbersome.


It has one main safety feature that is useful mostly when cutting soft types of material. Its cast shoe has a protective cover to protect both the blade and the user, especially when cutting soft materials. The main function of this bevel shoe is to improve accuracy when making bevel cuts.

DEWALT DW317K 5.5Amp Top Handle Jigsaw Review

For DIY lovers, getting a jigsaw is an important thing to do.

You can handle simple repairs at home or any other place. The DEWALT DW317K 5.5 Amp is a convenient model that you can use for simple to hard cutting tasks.


This type of jigsaw has a guide or manual. The guide helps the user to learn n the basic operation procedures of this jigsaw. It is a special guide because it also guides the user on how to male straight cuts.

Carrying Bag

This is a special bag where you can keep the jigsaw. The bag is aimed at giving its users the needed convenience in case there is a need to carry the jigsaw. The bag is large enough to accommodate other small tools that can be of need when using the jigsaw.

Base Plates

The base plates allow the jigsaw to tilt in any direction. The user can, therefore, make bevel cuts of the range between 0 – 45 degrees. These plates are in other types of jigsaws replaced with the bevel shoe. They both perform the same function.

Long Cord

It has a cord that is approximately 8 feet long. This cord is aimed at improving the user's mobility. With such a long cord, the user can easily move from one point to another away from the power source.

Final Verdict

My opinion is, all jigsaws are recommendable, they are meet the different needs of a large pool of consumers in the market.

From the analysis of the common types of jigsaws in the market, it is evident that the right type of jigsaw is available, however, take your time when choosing.

These powerful corded jigsaws are perfect for any job and you can give them a try and check whether they will meet your needs.

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